A Social Wall is an unregulated aggregation of social media posts. Main goal of a social wall is primarily the mobilization of on-site guests, to make them really twitter about this event.

In contrast, liveblogs are an all-embracing, curated documentation with a red thread. 

Liveblogs offer real-time content - long-lasting, sustainable and re-usable for your other marketing and communications. 

Liveblog & Social Media
The difference

Social Media

When it comes to event communication many events are only broadcasted via social media — primarily in small fragments. This content is not displayed in it's full length to all followers because of algorithms. That is the reason why people who are interested in the event can only see an excerpt/fragment of it. Placing clear messages and generating leads in social media is quite difficult. 
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A liveblog, in contrast, strengthens the own website. Here, the story unfolds with all its quotations from visitors, photos and videos. A liveblog offers the room to communicate messages. Thanks to the collaboration tools of storytile you can access photos from your professional photographers just seconds after they are taken.
With these photos, quotes from the speakers and summaries after each panel a documentation is easily created in real-time. You can even add tweets from users into your liveblog to share the perspective of the participants.
A liveblog is a  complete and high-quality addition to social media activities.
Sharing stories from the liveblog to your social media channels is easy and leads interested social media users to your website where they can read more about the event.
According to our experience a well made and well promoted blog can easily increase your event reach by the factor 10 and generate long reading times as well as many shares by the readers. 

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