The storytile workflow:



1. storytile reporter app for creating text, photos and videos on spot

Marketeers, journalists or your social media department are becoming mobile reporters with storytile:

  • Create texts, photos and videos
  • Upload these content pieces to our CMS and wait for approval or directly publish them to your liveblog
  • Shorten and cut your videos right within our app

Photographers and videographers can connect their DSLR with their smartphone. New photos and videos are being transmitted to the smartphone directly after they have been taken. There the files can be compressed and transmitted to our CMS with the push of a button.

Additionally you can chose to upload those files to your main CMS via FTP. We even provide the ability to add meta tags via the IPTC standard.

2. Liveblogging with storytile edit

storytile edit ist our  Live Content Management System and thereby your control center.
You will see incoming contents from your mobile reporters, you can prepare longer texts, schedule posts and edit your photos.

The most important features:

  • Browser based, easy to use via drag-n-drop
  • Integrated Photo editor (gradation curves, color corrections etc.)
  • Native embedding of twitter, instagram, facebook, youtube and giphy.
  • GDPR compliant 2-step-solution for displaying social media posts
  • [new] integrated voting tool
  • [new] user feedback via emojis
  • [new] disqus integration
  • [new] dpa integration
  • Corporate design generator
  • Automated posting of tweets with a hashtag or from a specific user
  • Scheduled posting
  • Many different user roles
  • Detailed statistics
  • Simple approval process, thanks to a real time sync between the editors devices
  • Soccer module
  • [new] Ice hockey module
  • Automatic photo import from your FTP server
  • Create an additional photo gallery right after the event for your website and facebook
  • Leadwall for generating leads
  • Embedding of RSS feeds
  • The SEO pro feature for publishers will allow almost real time indexing of new content even when using our embed code
  • Store the liveblog on your own server
  • API with Webhooks, documentation available

3. Playout via storytile play

Liveblogs can easily be embedded in any existing website – as simple as embedding a youtube video.

Further information:

  • SEO optimized and fully responsive
  • [new] manual SEO boost with new keywords, (news-) sitemaps and Google ping
  • [new] wordpress plugin for native embedding
  • The whole liveblog can also be stored on your own servers (connection via FTP, SSH, SSI, ESI or HTML over API)
  • Shareability of single posts
  • Infinite scrolling
  • AMP embed code
  • [new] chapters for segmenting the liveblog

The storytile format is not only beautiful but also combines the advantages of a photo gallery with a liveticker to help you monetize your live content even better:

  • High click rates, thanks to integrated photo galleries
  • Automatic ad banner rotation within the liveblog
  • Special advertorial / native advertisement module
  • Leadwall for generating leads (similarly styled to a paywall)

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