1. Unique Design

Our liveblogging-suite is good at many things, but our design is what really differentiates us the most from other tools out there.
storytile helps you to tell your stories in various media formats, with text, smartphone pictures, DSLR-photos, videos and social media-posts. In addition to that liveblogs by storytile can be easily styled with our design-generator to match your corporate design.

2. Easy handling

Covering live events is stressful. This is why storytile pays a lot of attention in keeping the interface as simple as possible. Our software can be used with a standard browser and does neither need any installations nor the permissions for opening a port etc..
The arrangement of the particular elements is easily done via drag-and-drop.
The embedding of the liveblog into your website is as easy as the embedding of a YouTube video. Our responsive embed code automatically adapts to the width of your columns. 
Numerous other features, like an integrated editor for photos, complete the live-blogging-suite. 
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3. Ideal for marketing

You are covering a local event? Why not have it sponsored by e.g. a brewery?
storytile also offers numerous possibilties for marketing. Rotating banners can be placed in the liveblog automatically. With our native advertorial module you can tell the stories of your costumers on-site in an own format and mark them as an advertisement. 
Exclusive sponsorings in the sports sector, e.g. for particular goals, complete the possibilities for marketing offered for our customers. 

4. Ideal for SEO

Already in the basic version of storytile your content delivered via our embed code can be indexed by google. We follow the rules of SEO and have been tested and are currently used by major German publishers.
A special feature of the new storytile SEO pro Paket is the possibility for publishers to index new liveblog content, more or less in real-time, for google search engine and for google news
The only thing we need for that is a simple FTP-access on your server - without special authorizations or installations (no need for a java or PHP environment).
You want to know more? Drop us a line via support@storytile.net and we will arrange a phone oder video call with our SEO experts.

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