1. What is a liveblog?

A liveblog is a service by you for your customers - especially for those who are not able to come to your event. 
A liveblog combines the most important statements of the speakers with photos, videos and social media posts. 
Thus, a multimedia documentary of your event is created, and your costumers can keep track of it at home or while working, similar to a sports liveticker - just much better.


Examples of liveblogs: 

2. How can I reach my marketing goals?

Defining the marketing goal is crucial for corporates doing a liveblog: Do they want to achieve an image effect for their brand oder do they want to generate leads?
Events in B2B generally focus on the branding effect. The company presents itself as innovative and places products and messages of the brands. The target audience is known - it is the own clients.
For a product launch on the other side, the focus might be on lead generation, e.g. for test drives during a car presentation. Here, the target audience is not always know and our lead generation tool helps you to get to know them.
Our live-blogging-suite offers tools for both marketing goals - and in addition to that we support you as an agency with our expertise and manpower 

3. Do it yourself - or having it done?

With our liveblogging suite you can liveblog completely on your own from your event.

You want to have a liveblog but don't have the manpower? No problem: We also offer full service packages as an alternative.

Do it yourself
Full Service

Do it yourself!

With our liveblogging suite you can blog your event on your own or with a team. The software allows you to collaborate with your colleagues and even has a innovative way to wirelessly receive photos from your photographers.

You can test storytile with your free demo account and decide later if you think it's worth to pay for a regular license.


Demo Account

Full Service

High qualified and continuously trained live-editors and live-photographers provided by storytile will blog your event live in a professional way.

The team of storytile will create an event roadmap together with your input. Our team can also collaborate with your own photographers and colleagues. They will also be trained and equipped  by storytile. 


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